Days without spoons

sometimes I wake up without spoons, sometimes because I exerted myself too much the day before, sometimes because I’ve not been doing enough self care, sometimes just because. And no spoon days are very, very boring, they mostly consist of watching reruns of crap tv that I’ve already seen three times. I need to find ways of doing things that are interesting, amusing, diverting, self caring, but that doesn’t take a lot of body effort or brain power.

a) Books, my house is full of books, but they are all books that take more brain power than I often have on no spoon days, so I need to start borrowing books that are easy light fiction

b) bath stuff, I’m trying to learn to make my own bath products which is fun and good for the environment and such but somedays I’m just going to want some pre prepared stuff to chuck in the bath

c) use dry shampoo instead of washing hair

d) one of the things on my forty by forty list was to learn about classical music, so listening to Radio 3, classic FM. podcasts, and stuff on youtube. I probably will not take in all the information because of brain fog on spoonless days but at least I get to listen to nice music

e) netflix

f)radio comedy

g) if the weathers nice sit or lie outside in the sun

h) always have a frozen meal that can be microwaved in the freezer for these days




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