Adoptee Voices: What not to say to an adoptee


Ground rules and boundaries for this here new blog

  • I will blog as and when I feel like it
  • I will blog about anything and everything and deal with the fact that some people won’t like that
  • I will not start fights on the internet, that is I might link to stuff i disagree with and talk about it but i wont get involved in long. time, and energy, consuming flame wars
  • I will not argue with anyone about social justice concepts and behaviours and why they are necessary
  • I will not tolerate, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, transmisogny, anti-semitism, racism, classism, lesbophobia, biphobia, ableism, classism  or anything else i have missed from this list but that is clearly in the same category
  • If i fuck up on one of the above issues i will listen to people when they point this out
  • I will not tolerate uncritically  pro adoption sentiment
  • I’m happy to discuss my religious beliefs and actions but i will not spend time defending them
  • some people will have primacy over others here and those people are: queer people, adoptees, disabled people, women generally, but especially those who fit in the aforementioned categories. (But these people must still respect all the above points)
  • I dont have to interact with anyone on here I don’t want to